While the Volkswagen Touareg might not be the sharpest car in its class, it’s still a great all-rounder. In fact, by sticking with a range of tried and tested V6 diesel engines, it remains one of the strongest and most refined cars on sale.

So far, we’ve only tried the more powerful of the two six-cylinder diesel engines. With 282bhp, it’s a gutsy performer, with loads of power and huge torque reserves – perfect for quick overtakes or steady motorway cruising. It’s incredibly quiet, too, which takes the pain out of long, monotonous journeys.

But despite the Touareg being based on the same platform as the Porsche Cayenne, Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus, it’s clear VW has prioritised comfort rather than outright driver fun. Yes, this new car is an improvement on the last Touareg, but the numb and slightly unpredictable steering lets down what is an otherwise excellent package. It’s surprisingly nimble though, thanks to the nifty four-wheel steering system, while body roll on our air suspension-equipped test car was kept in check. The DSG gearbox can feel a little hesitant at times, but it’s not a deal breaker. 

The VW Touareg comes loaded with stress-saving tech, including Adaptive Cruise Control with Predictive Cruise. This system automatically changes your speed according to posted limits, and on our European test route it worked really well. Other useful semi-autonomous tech includes Traffic Jam Assist and Cross Traffic Assist, as well as Proactive Occupant Protection, which closes the windows and pre-tightens the seatbelts if it senses an impending collision. 

Engines, 0-60 acceleration and top speed

The all-new Volkswagen Touareg’s full UK engine line-up hasn’t been disclosed, but we do know it’ll launch with a pair of V6 diesel (228bhp or 282bhp) motors. Later, we expect at least one V6 petrol engine, as well as a pokier V8 diesel and a fuel-saving plug-in hybrid.

The one V6 diesel we tried (the faster 282bhp car) felt strong and refined. The 0-62mph dash takes just 6.1 seconds – and if you regularly commute on derestricted German autobahn, you’ll be able to hit 146mph on the way to work. It felt more than punchy enough, both from a standstill and in-gear. It’s incredibly quiet, too, even in the upper reaches of the rev band.


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