The Mazda MX-5 looks set for a substantial update with a significant power boost, according to news issued by Japanese car magazine Car Watch.

Updated less than a year ago at the Tokyo Motor Show with new steering and suspension settings, this latest round of updates appears much more far reaching.

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Articles posted on the outlet’s website claim that 2.0-litre versions of the MX-5 will soon pack 181bhp and 205Nm of torque, with the engine’s redline moving up too, from 6,800rpm to a heady 7,500rpm. Changes to the 2.0-litre Skyactiv-G unit will include a redesigned exhaust manifold, new cylinder heads, lighter pistons, and lighter connecting rods.

The 1.5-litre MX-5 will also be updated according to the magazine, with power upped thanks to improved and more efficient combustion. This means power is up to 130bhp, and torque rises to 152Nm. Performance figures for either car have not yet been published.

Away from engine changes, the updated MX-5 is slated to arrive with new customisation options including a new caramel brown fabric top, a tan leather interior option, plus new wheel colour options. On the more practical side of things, the steering column has been updated to feature reach adjustment.

With the cat out of the bag in Japan, it seems unlikely that the power upgrades reported would be limited to cars sold in the firm’s home country. We’ll have to wait for official news and confirmation from Mazda Europe for the full story, however.  

Do you think the current Mazda MX-5 needs a power boost? Let us know your thoughts below…


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