With generous warranty packages and a diverse model range, Nissan is certainly an interesting option in the LCV sector. This week, it’s shown plans to grow sales with an innovative range of accessories designed to create a fully-equipped working environment inside an NV300 panel van.

At the 2019 Brussels Motor Show, Nissan has revealed its new NV300 Concept-van which it dubs a “mobile workshop”. The new concept features a fully kitted out cargo area designed in conjunction with highly respected London design team Studio Hardie.

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The van’s cargo area looks like a modern home. It features a beautiful wooden interior, bright LED roof lighting, bespoke organised storage, an integrated touchscreen computer and a swivel seat on rails making for the ideal workspace.

The key element of the concept, however, is Nissan’s innovative “Energy ROAM” tech. The Nissan Energy ROAM is an all-in-one, weatherproof, portable battery pack providing emission-free power to workers. This will allow them to run their tools in an eco-friendly way.

The packs are made up of second-life batteries recovered from Nissan LEAF electric vehicles coming to the end of their life. Furthermore, a solar panel fitted to the roof of the Concept-van charges the batteries using renewable energy. The battery has a 700Wh capacity and a maximum output of 1kW making it the perfect hub for using power tools off-grid.

LCV Planning and Marketing Director for Nissan Europe, Francesco Giacalone says the Nissan NV300 Concept-van shows that Nissan is thinking about the future of the commercial vehicle. He also thinks Nissan Energy ROAM will be a “key differentiator for Nissan commercial vehicles”.

Previous versions of the Energy ROAM tech have been seen in the Nissan Navara Dark Sky and Nissan Navara EnGuard. These concepts were unveiled at the Hannover Motor Shows of 2018 and 2016 respectively. Nissan Energy ROAM technology will officially go on sale in European markets in Spring of 2019.

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