Our photographers have spotted the next-generation Isuzu D-Max undergoing cold-weather testing ahead of an on sale date scheduled for the 2020 model year. There’s no disguising the pick-up truck‘s shape, and it’s clear that the current D-Max’s body-on-frame construction remains, which will help the new D-Max to retain the current car’s off-road ability.

The thin disguise hides the key points of the bodywork that help give the D-Max its identity, including the grille, C-pillars and front bumper design. However, there’s a new U-shaped daytime running light signature visible, while the glass area is smaller and the windscreen is more steeply raked than on the current D-Max.

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At the back, there’s a new tailgate design and revised rear bumper, while the current truck’s payload in excess of one tonne will remain intact, if it isn’t improved upon.

Also hidden by the disguise is the final wheelarch design that Isuzu is going with. However, it’s likely that it will be a style that will allow the company to produce another high-riding Arctic Trucks AT35 variant for the 2020 model year. This will add even bigger arches, raised suspension and huge 35-inch off-road tyres.

Under the skin, the ladder frame chassis will be a development of the existing D-Max, while the current truck’s 1.9-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel is likely to be carried over, too, as this was only introduced in 2017 and is far more efficient than the old 2.5D, yet manages this without the addition of an AdBlue tank.

As with the current D-Max, expect single cab, extended cab and double cab designs, as well as Utility work versions with black plastic bumpers, plus a variety of higher-spec models, including Blade, Utah, Yukon and Fury models, as well as the AT35.

The new Isuzu D-Max is likely to be revealed later in the year.

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