This is the Infiniti Project Black S: a performance coupe based on the Q60 which features hybrid tech inspired by Formula 1 power units.

As first seen at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the Project Black S links to the Renault F1 team through the RenaultNissanMitsubishi Alliance, which has enabled Infiniti to apply some motorsport know-how to the performance coupe.

Infiniti Q60 review

It makes use of two different types of energy recovery to charge its hybrid system: MGU-K (Motor Generator Unit – Kinetic) which recovers energy that would otherwise be lost from braking, while the MGU-H (the ‘H’ stands for ‘Heat’) recovers waste heat energy from exhaust gases. This allows the Q60 to charge the batteries even under acceleration.

Petrol power comes courtesy of the 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged VR30DDTT engine that’s already used in versions of the Infiniti Q60 and the Q50 saloon. The combustion engine alone makes 400bhp, while the hybrid assistance bumps the total output to 563bhp.

Predictably, performance is brisk: Infiniti hasn’t released precise performance figures yet, but 0-62mph is estimated to be below four seconds.

Keeping the performance in check is an aero package which again draws knowledge from the Renault F1 team. It’s most obvious at the rear, where the dual plane wing, according to Infiniti, closely resembles its F1 car’s low downforce configuration, used at high speed circuits like Monza.

At the front, the Q60’s standard bumper is replaced with a much more aggressive design. A deep front air dam is flanked by a pair of intakes, while an extended front splitter balances out the front downforce against the rear wing. Each of the major aerodynamic elements are singled out with subtle yellow highlights. The look is completed with deep bonnet vents, and a set of black alloy wheels.

Unfortunately you can’t buy it, as for now the Project Black S is just a concept. However, it points towards Infiniti’s hybrid and electric future, with a 2021 date set for the electrification of its range.

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