With our first experience of Mercedes’ new EQ C this week, we’ve got an important insight into what the future of motoring holds for us. This crucial new electrified model is the first of many from Mercedes, set to arrive in 2019 to join an increasing number of electrified cars from pretty much every manufacturer over the next few years.

Only this week we’ve got news of an all-electric version of the Kia Niro, while DS has become the latest brand to reveal its electrified intentions.

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Much as we’re excited about our electric future, there’s one car that we’ve been bursting to drive: the new Fiesta ST. We’re massive fans of the old car (it’s still a great buy) and its ability to put a supercar-sized smile on your face, but for supermini money. This latest model adds a degree of civility, technology and efficiency into the mix, but, importantly, it’s no less fun than the old car.

There’s been lots written about Ford’s future, but it has constantly delivered when it comes to fast, affordable fun and the latest ST is another winner. That bodes well for a new fast Focus, too.

It also proves that, in spite of promises from governments that the internal combustion engine will become a thing of the past for future generations of keen drivers, for now there is little like the Fiesta ST that makes driving fun accessible for the masses.

However, it’s got me thinking. For me, one of the most exciting things about driving an electric car is that instant hit of torque you get the moment you hit the accelerator. Can you imagine that in a car with the poise and agility of something like the Fiesta ST? Sure, weighty batteries will be an issue, but here’s hoping that’s something currently taxing the brilliant brains of Ford’s (and others’) car-loving engineers.

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