In a promotional video released on social media this morning, Citroen CEO Linda Jackson said the company would show two concepts at the VivaTechnology exhibition in Paris in May – but she added that only one of them would be making its debut at the event. That is likely to mean that the first vehicle will take centre stage on Citroen’s stand at Geneva, and then be shown again, alongside the debutant, at VivaTechnology.

“2019 is a perfect time to announce new mobility solutions,” Jackson said. “VivaTech will be an amazing opportunity to present two new concept cars. The first one will give Citroen’s vision in terms of urban mobility.

Geneva Motor Show 2019 preview

“The second one, unveiled at VivaTech, will embody Citroen’s take on ultra-comfort. Proudly designed with French startups, Citroen will showcase its latest innovations in digital or onboard customer experience. You’ll see that they are in tune with new customer mobility expectations. “

The video concludes with our first glimpse of one of the cars, with a series of close-up, detail images of LED daytime running lights and tail-lights, and what appear to be prominent, chunky wheelarch extensions. The video does not state which of the vehicles is being shown, and there’s no indication of scale or length- so it’s impossible to determine whether it’s the comfort-focused offering or the urban concept.

When it does appear, the ‘urban mobility solution’ is likely to build on Citroen’s work with Free2Move, a leasing solution that allows a different usage pattern from conventional ownership. Jackson has, in the past, spoken of a revised approach to the likes of the C1 city car, potentially allowing some customers to access the vehicle for only a few hours at a time.

What do you think the Citroen concepts will be? Let us know in the comments below…


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