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Long-term test review: Mercedes X 350 d

Mileage: 2,265Economy: 27.2mpgOur Mercedes X-Class has been brilliant so far. It brings a new level of comfort to proven pick-up practicality, and its...

Ford Fiesta ST: long-term test review

Mileage: 2,107Economy: 39.8mpgThe World Rally Championship has just wrapped up in Australia, but back in October I took a trip up to North...

Hyundai Kona Electric Premium SE: long-term test review

Mileage: 3,000Efficiency: 4.4 miles/kWhThese are exciting times if you’re considering switching to an electric car. Prices are falling as battery range continues to...

Mercedes A 200 AMG Line: long-term test review

Mileage: 3,794Economy: 33.7mpgIn well over 20 years at Auto Express, I’ve driven plenty of Mercedes test models, but I’ve never run one as my family car. And since...

Mazda 6 2.5 GT Sport Nav+: long-term test review

Our new Mazda 6 saloon has been welcomed to the fleet by going straight in at the deep end: a 2,000-mile drive down...

Volkswagen Polo SE L 1.0 TSI: long-term test review

Mileage: 1,250Economy: 42.0mpgWhen I heard that my next car would be the new Volkswagen Polo, I was excited to get behind the wheel....

Long-term test review: Mercedes X 250 d

Mileage: 302Economy: 24.5mpgMercedes is aiming to fill a gap in the global market for a premium pick-up. Its new X-Class is loaded with...

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross: long-term test review

Mileage: 708Economy: 31.0mpgMitsubishi introduced the Eclipse Cross last year to plug a gap between the smaller ASX and larger Outlander, with the goal...

Renault Koleos Dyamique S Nav: long-term test review

Mileage: 5,564Economy: 37.0mpgWhen you first get into any car, it always takes a certain amount of time to find where everything lives, whether...

MINI Cooper 5-Door: long-term test review

Mileage: 4,166Economy: 29.9mpgSay hello to the latest addition to the Auto Express fleet: our new MINI Cooper 5-Door. I’ll be spending the next...


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